Thursday, September 23, 2010

Friends 'Til Christmas

I joined an awesome swap over on the Cricut Messageboard. It's a partner swap where you are assigned a secret elf who sends you items from your wish list. I have a wisher who I'm "elfing" for and I've got and elf! Well this is my first gift from her and oh my it is gorgeous!!! I am so in love with everything she got me! And upon further investigation of the beautiful ornament...I see that she has long blonde hair...hmm! Who could she be?? Here's some photos of my goodies!!

This is how it was wrapped! So pretty!!!


The ornament that has my little clue on it! I love it, it's my favorite colors! Pink and Green!! *see the blonde hair?* My wheels are turning!! But not too much, I love the element of surprise!!*


The gorgeous faux book! I really do love this, I've never seen one like this before! I can't wait to display it during the holidays! *so sorry about the flash reflection, I took these photos with my phone, I need to charge up my big girl camera!*


It's Sculpey clay and German Glass Glitter! In so many colors!!! I love it all!

Sculpey Clay! Yay!


German Glass Glitter!! It is so fantastically beautiful!! SO many colors!!!


Thank you so much to my elf, whoever you may be! I truly am so happy! And I can't wait to see who you are!!

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