Thursday, October 14, 2010

Betty Swap 6 goodies from adriansmom!!

Look at all of the yummy things I got from my Betty!! The Betty swaps are hosted by Queen Betty Marla over on Two Peas in a Bucket. She is an awesome hostess and the swap is super duper cool. This one was Halloween themed and I love me some Halloween!! Check out these goodies!!



She made me this apron with her own hands!!! I love it!!! I am really tempted to wear it year is my first apron, LOL.


Love this mini colander!! It's so cute!! And the spices! Yum!! I can't wait to use these in the kitchen!!

So when I got my box, I ran upstairs to open it because there wasn't anywhere to do so downstairs. So my bed was the best place!! I saw these and ran them downstairs to put on my oven! Aren't they cute?! Love them!! And they were officially my first decorations in this new place! How fitting is it that my first decorations are Halloween?! Love it!!!


She totally spoiled me, right?!! Thank you so much!!

These are the goodies that I sent off to my Betty! Here is her blog!! I hope you and your kiddos enjoyed it all, Ms. Betty Shilo!








Sorry about the quality of some of these. Most of them were taken while they were in the box. This was like the day before we moved, and I didn't have a table to spread everything out on and I didn't want to dog hair it all up by putting on the floor! Hope you enjoyed!!

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